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Nail biting and the Product Thum 
07:29pm 01/01/2008
mood: chipper
Hi all,

I have been battling my nail biting problem for almost two years now. I thought I had it under control until Finals last month in December. This time I bit my nails so short that a few of my fingers would bleed while one would hurt terribly to touch anything. I went to the local drugstore and asked for a nail biting product and the man I spoke with had to call the manager and ask them. He then told me that the only product they had was called Thum for thumb sucking and was in the baby aisle. I was embarrassed and I wanted to tell the guy that I bite my nails not suck on my thumb. But I felt defeated and at my wits end with my nail biting so I at least went down the aisle to look at it. It's called Thum and on the package it says for thumb sucking and nail biting so I felt a little better about buying it. So far so good, some of my nails have actually started growing the white part back. I have to apply Thum which is like a nail polish multiple times a day and it stings/tingles and almost indescribable type of burn when I do put my fingers in my mouth. The only downside of the product is that it turns my nails orange... It's progress and I'm happy with it.

Does anyone else feel embarrassed when they ask for help for their nail biting problem? Do you want to just stop the habit or is there a little more to it? For me I want to stop the habit so I can get manicures and have my nails all done up pretty, a little girly-girl I know. 
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02:47pm 21/12/2007
   i have habbit of pickin my lips. its not even a little bit i pick it huge chunks. then it starts bleeding and i complain my lips are a mess.  
01:30pm 22/03/2005
  I've noticed that when I have a panic attack my lip does this weird kind of twitching thing, and I wring my hands together.

My mother and sister roll on the floor laughing. Its not really funny, ok its kind of funny the first time, but now its just plain annoying, and very embarrising to have them mock me.
07:36pm 19/12/2004
  i bite my nails!!!  
03:28pm 18/05/2004
mood: cheerful
i just noticed lately, i have this really tiny gap between my two front teeth. like, very small and unnoticeable, but when i'm uncomforterable or nervous...i blow air through it. it makes a high pitch noise too, so people start looking to see where it comes from.

just felt like sharing .
hi there! 
11:24pm 18/04/2002
  Welcome! This is a brand-new community. I was hoping to find a community for nail-biters, but there doesn't seem to be one. I decided to start a community, but rather than being so narrow as to only includ nail-biters, I wanted to have one for anyone who has nervous habits...of any kind. Please feel free to post :)  
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